Happy Cat Litter - 5 Kg

Happy Cat Litter - 5 Kg

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Item specifics

  • Brand Happy
  • Flavor Natural
  • Size 5 Kg
  • Suitable For Cat, Kitten

Product Description

All clumping litters are made from sodium bentonite, a form of clay. Premium scoopables, like HAPPY CAT uses 100% sodium bentonite to maximize clumping. Some clumping litters blend cheaper clayes with bentonite and will break apart in the litter box.


Short column, ball granularity or no finalize shape, non-dissolvable in any solution, non-poisonous, is strongly water-absorbent.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding odour control
  • Has very high liquid absorption rate
  • Clumps quickly
  • Clumping cat litter

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